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Tender Writing & Support

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Writing tender submissions can feel overwhelming, even for companies that have experience of the process. 

Tender complexity can vary but submissions usually require planning, thorough documentation review, pricing and points strategies to gain maximum marks, and robust writing that blends storytelling with structure to meet marking criteria.

We provide expert tender writing services for a range of clients in diverse sectors that either don’t have tender writing capabilities in-house, or need additional support to complete tender bids to a high standard on time.

Tender Writing Service

We lead the tender process, which typically includes:

This is the full ‘done for you’ tender package. 

In many cases, we even submit clarifications and upload the final tender submission to the relevant procurement platform on your behalf. 

Tender Review

Tenders are often highly competitive, with the difference between losing a tender and winning the work being as little as one or two marks (sometimes even a fraction of a mark!). 

We offer a proof-reading and review service for clients who create their own tender responses. This typically includes estimating the score your response may receive and identifying areas for improvement, such as opportunities to: increase marks, correct spelling and grammatical errors, improve structure and layout, and include evidence of value to the response.

Get Tender Ready™

Our Get Tender Ready package is perfect for businesses that are new to tendering, have been submitting tender responses with limited success, or experienced businesses that want to give their tender success rate a boost.

The package can be adapted to suit your experience level, including:

Tenders typically have tight deadlines. If you would like to engage tender writing services, it is crucial we are contacted and provided with all of the relevant documentation as soon as possible.

For clients undertaking frequent tender submissions, bespoke retainer packages are available. Contact us for more information.