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Historically, Social Value might have been called ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ or ‘CSR’. In more recent years, as the drive towards sustainability in business has become more prominent, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) obligations have increased, including mandatory reporting for businesses of certain sizes, involved in certain industries, or if requested by banks, lenders, and investors. 

As these obligations become mandatory for larger businesses, they begin to make their way down the supply chain, which means small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) will also have ESG and/or specific Social Value obligations to comply with, especially those tendering or bidding for public sector contracts. 

So, what is Social Value?

In the delivery of public sector contracts (tenders), Social Value may include financial commitments and other non-financial actions taken by a business to improve the economic, social, and environmental wellbeing of its employees, its areas of operations, and/or for the citizens living within those areas or who are more widely impacted by the business. 

In Northern Ireland, Public Procurement Notice (PPN) 01/21 Scoring Social Value mandates that from 1st June 2022, eligible tenders for public sector contracts (that are over a certain value) must allocate a minimum of 10% of the total scoring criteria to the delivery of Social Value. As a result, many businesses (including small/medium sized businesses, large corporates, and multi-nationals) must implement Social Value Delivery Plans…. and this is where a lot of businesses get stuck, and where we can help.

Social Value For Business

If you are a business, we can create cost-effective and impactful Social Value Delivery Plans to help you meet your contractual obligations in a meaningful way. We are experienced in designing, implementing, and monitoring short- and longer-term Social Value Delivery Plans spanning from 12 months to multi-year Frameworks, including Plans designed for both the Points Based and Alternative Models. 

We can provide additional support to liaise with the Contracting Authority on your behalf, and we can support you with a Social Value Marketing Strategy to ensure the fantastic Social Value outcomes and impacts you achieve are recognised. 

We have delivered highly successful and cost-effective Social Value Delivery Plans for many small and medium-sized businesses across a diverse range of industry sectors, including some of Northern Ireland’s Top 100/10 businesses, maximising Social Value impact whilst carefully managing costs to maintain excellent contract margins.  

We can offer a consultancy package where we create the Social Value Delivery Plan for you, with a full handover so you can implement it yourself, or we can offer a ‘done for you’ package, where we operate a longer term retainer to implement and monitor Social Value Delivery Plans on your behalf.

Social Value for VCSEs

If you are a Voluntary, Charity, or Social Enterprise organisation (VCSE), you must maximise the opportunities available to support your organisation through the Social Value obligations that are being placed on a significant number of businesses. 

The funding landscape has become ever more complex to navigate, with budgets consistently being cut year after year. By aligning your organisation’s services, projects, programmes, and interventions with Social Value obligations – and marketing them effectively – you can benefit from a significant boost to your bottom line that can be used to financially support specific projects, or replace restricted/unrestricted income, ideally leading to longer term commercial and corporate partnerships. 

We can provide consultancy and training through facilitated workshops to support you in aligning your services with relevant Social Value Indicators, developing a range of ‘plug and play’ options businesses can choose from to help them meet their Social Value obligations whilst securing you some much needed resources or finance. Our packages are comprehensive and will provide you with the tools you need to continue developing your ‘Social Value Menu’ for years to come.

Social Value Training

In addition to the consultancy services outlined above, which are developed to meet the Social Value needs of businesses or to support VCSEs in maximising Social Value opportunities, we can provide a range of training, workshops, and mentoring services to clients in both the private and third sectors, to upskill your employees in Social Value best practices. Workshops and training can be adapted to suit your experience level, including:

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